Chief WoopumAss


War Party Paranormal research is a team of advanced technical investigators in the area of paranormal research based in South Florida. We are innovative in research and development of our own equipment and the use of the latest technology available in the field. We are a team that puts our clients first and stays with them until their issues are resolved.


War Party Paranormal research does all locations - residential, commercial and we also can be found at conventions and events. We are dedicated researchers that do not charge our clients for help. Our team is comprised of various experts with extensive knowledge in a diverse range of areas in the paranormal field.

We are a a team of individuals who don’t want other people to live in fear. We bring our collective experience and expertise so that our clients don’t live in fear. With over a hundred collective years of experience between our members in the paranormal field our team is comprised of experts in the unknown. Each team member brings an extensive knowledge in various and unique areas within the paranormal. Our team includes technical experts, theologians, spiritual intuitives, scientific researchers and historians.