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Paranormal Investigation:

War Party Paranormal


Some of your favorite paranormal investigators on TV have run into cases that they can't solve... they have reached out to members of War Party Paranormal for help.  War Party Paranormal is composed of some of the greatest living paranormal investigators of our generation.


They have one of the greatest paranormal diagnostic and evidence acquisition collections in the world.  Their members have traveled the globe, successfully resolving hundreds of cases for families who are experiencing frightening paranormal phenomena in their homes.

The War Party Paranormal Team is also composed of experienced counselors who can provide realistic and practical techniques for alleviating the phenomena that is occurring in their lives.  


The team works with the family to identify exactly what is happening to them - creates a plan of action to eliminate the crisis that is occurring, and also offers practical tools and methods of affirmative action to keep the phenomenon from coming back. 


War Party Paranormal keeps in touch with families after the investigation, continually providing support and empowerment techniques to help create a positively charged and friendly space around a family.


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