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Tim Yancey

Tim Yancey is an author, TV personality and real life haunting survivor.

He is probably one of the most recognized and progressive authorities on the subject of violent and demonic hauntings. He is a much sought after public speaker on the topic, and has spoken at Colleges and Universities, paranormal conferences and conventions around the country. He has appeared as himself in ScyFy Channels documentary film, “The Haunted Boy”, and his life story has also been featured on Destination America’s hit TV show, “A Haunting”. Together with his brother Tom, they were both featured by Warner Home Video in a special DVD release of CW networks hit TV series, “Supernatural”. He has been a guest several times on Coast To Coast AM, and interviewed hundreds of times on various media. He has been a paranormal researcher and counselor for over 35 years, and continues to provide advice and counseling to families who are experiencing frightening paranormal phenomenon. He serves as a consultant with several paranormal teams around the country.

Tim is also an active Chaplain within his Church, Unity of the Palm Beaches. He regularly hosts the Sunday Morning Services, and serves as the Service Coordinator. His wife Trish is the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Unity.

Tim is a veteran broadcaster and TV personality. He is one of the original pioneers of internet broadcasting, beginning with “Portraits of the Paranormal” in 1993. The show eventually became “Encounters”, and was broadcast around the world on satellite, shortwave and AM/FM stations. He developed one of the first live streaming studio camera broadcasts on the internet with Clear Channel station WBZT in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is a news correspondent with “The Autism Channel”, where he discusses the latest breaking information regarding people on the spectrum.

In 2014, New Dominion Pictures and the Discovery Network featured Tim and his brother Tom in the hit TV series, “A Haunting”. The documentary-style television series dramatically recreated the events of their childhood in an episode entitled, “The shadow man”. It told their terrifying true story of not only growing up in a haunted home, but also a home with severe domestic abuse.

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