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Paranormal Investigator
Theresa Sharrard Sagas

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Florida in 2008. I grew up in a 100-year-old Farm house until I was 10.  For as long as I can remember we had a lot of activity. I thought this was a normal environment, that was until had my first slumber party and activity started. All the girls screamed and went home! When I was 10 we moved out of the home due to a lot of negative energy in the house.

Since then I have always had what they call that 6th sense. I could tell when we pulled up to a home whether it had spiritual activity. I also have had experiences in every home I have lived in since leaving my childhood home.

When I moved to Florida , I began going on Paranormal Investigations and joined Florida Ghost Team.  I Managed FGT for approximately 2 years until it changed direction. I then continued to help other families with paranormal problems. I recently had the privilege of joining War Party Paranormal as an Investigator. My Passion is to help families find peace and comfort in living in their own home. I’m a skeptic and true believer. I will use every ability or device to find out the truth and am honored to become part of a team that has the same goals.

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