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Kurt Walker


Kurt has been a scientist for more than 27 years and has honed his talents as a forensic scientist for the past eleven years.  Since he was a child, Kurt has had a passion for all things science, as well as for phenomena that have not yet been explained by science.

Kurt’s first paranormal experience occurred in the summer of 1977 while living in a house built on cemetery property in 1863 in Amish country Ohio.  During the night, the back door, locked with a heavy antique deadbolt, opened and closed without the bolt turning.  An entity wearing what sounded like heavy farm boots walked slowly from room to room downstairs several times before exiting through the same door.  Upon inspection, the deadbolt was still locked.












Kurt’s primary goal is to be able to provide a scientific explanation for at least some of the empirical encounters of others who have had experiences that seem to defy logical foundation.  He is also working on developing a reliable and repeatable method of establishing and maintaining contact with specific entities.

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