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Michelle Bauer

Originally from Maryland I grew up on ghost stories and my mom’s tales of her own personal experiences with the paranormal. In my early teens things started happening to me. It started off small but over time grew in intensity. I lived in fear for several years and sometimes felt alone, as I thought that there was no one that could help or understand what I was going through. Even to this day It sometimes feels like an ongoing battle to keep things at bay.

Despite all that, my passion for the paranormal burns bright. My desire and goal is to be able help individuals and their families understand what they’re going through and assist and empower them to take their lives back.

Given this I joined my first team in 2008. I spent three years on that team and learned a lot, but unfortunately as a mom of 5 I had to step back for a while and focus on the family. I’m happy now to be back in the flow of things with a wonderful group of people who have the mind-set as myself. I’m Looking forward to the future and all the positive work that will be done.

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